Crossfinity is a full-service website consultancy providing comprehensive
SEO, LPO-based CRO and affiliate management in Japan,Taiwan and Malaysia.
Our multifaceted approach enables companies to not only increase traffic from search engines
but also greatly improve their conversion rate.
Our vision of “Power to the Web” guides our company as we expand our business into Asia.

  • Established June 27th 2006
  • Capital 30 million yen
  • Director/Audit & Supervisory Board Member
    Fumiyuki Shinomiya, Yasuhito Hanado, Azusa Tasaki
  • Location Tokyo, Taiwan, Malaysia
  • Group Company
  • Crossfinity Taiwan, Inc. -
  • Crossfinity Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. -
  • Crossfinity Digital Asia Pte. Ltd. -
  • Crossfinity Digital Asia Sdn. Bhd.
  • Wataru Akiyama
    Akihiko Okabe
    Director (Director, OPT, Inc)

    Tomonori Takihi
    Director (CEO, IOIX, Inc.)

    Website Consulting Services
    - SEO, CRO, Content Creation -

    We offer on-site and off-site optimization based on elaborate analysis.
    Enormous amount data and over 20 researchers enable us to make a high level consultation.
    Our multifaceted approach that provides a total solution including not only SEO
    but CRO redound to website value.

    Affiliate Consulting Services

    Our experts consultants manage a lot of affiliate programs.
    Utilizing SEO knowledge allow us to increase conversions
    and to create specific comparison websites.

    Apps Consulting Services

    Our forward-thinking team have been analyzing Apps Store Ranking and providing SEO in these platform.

    Analyzing strengths & weaknesses of your website comparing with ten other competitors.

    Visualizing continuously analysis for your website.
    Comparing with your SEO competitors.

  • WIS Internet (Taiwan)
  • Digital agency
  • Groad Web Service Corporatione (Taiwan)
  • Website creation company
  • seoClarity (USA)
  • Global and enterprise-level SEO platform

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